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Pathways - Evening classes Cuairtean - Clasaichean oidhche

Lots of people begin their Gaelic journey at an evening class.

Find an evening class

We have lots of evening classes listed in our course finder. These range from ones run at universities and colleges to more informal gatherings.

Gaelic through distance learning

Technology means that there are more options now than ever before to to put you in touch with institutions and tutors.

LearnGaelic at college

There are many courses at colleges to get you learning Gaelic.

LearnGaelic at university

Many of Scotland's universities offer Gaelic as a degree or part of a course at all different levels.

Learning Gaelic with the family

Why not make learning Gaelic a family activity?

Reasons to learn Gaelic

People learn Gaelic today for many reasons. Some want to connect with their culture and other people want to better understand place names of Scotland. People often learn Gaelic because they want to sing the beautiful songs of the language.

Myths about Gaelic busted

Unfortunately, many myths about Gaelic have become popular over the years, such as “Gaelic is dead,” or “I’m too old to learn Gaelic.”