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Trying things A’ feuchainn rudan

Try not to eat too muchFeuch nach ith thu cus

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

try … - feuch …

try not to … – feuch nach …

try not to eat too much – feuch nach ith thu cus

try not to fall – feuch nach tuit thu

try not to hurt yourself– feuch nach goirtich thu thu fhèin

try … - feuchaibh … (plural/polite)

again - a-rithist

try to … - feuch ri …

… eat your food - … do bhiadh ithe

try to … - feuch ris …

… lift this table – … a’ bhòrd seo a thogail

try to… – feuch gun … (with future tense verb)

… go and see her - … tèid sibh a choimhead oirre (plural/polite)

Note: feuch sometimes means would you … ? and ris is used instead of ri before the definite article.

Daughter A mhamaidh, am faod mi iad seo ithe? Mummy, may I eat these?
Mum An do ghabh thu do bhracaist? Have you had your breakfast?
Daughter Ghabh. Yes.
Mum Siuthad ma-thà.
Feuch nach ith thu cus.
On you go then.
Try not to eat too much.
Daughter A mhamaidh, seall cho àrd ’s a tha mi. Mummy, look how tall I am.
Mum Tha sin math, a ghràidh.
Ach bidh faiceallach.
Feuch nach tuit thu.
That’s good, dear.
But be careful.
Try not to fall.
Son A mhàthair, fàg sin. Mother, leave that.
Mother Tha mi ceart gu leòr. I’m alright.
Son Seo.
Gheibh mi fhìn e.
I’ll get it myself.
Mother Tapadh leat ma-thà.
Feuch nach goirtich thu thu fhèin.
Thanks then.
Try not to hurt yourself.