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Stating preferences Ag innse dè as fheàrr leat

Which would you prefer?Dè a b' fheàrr leat?

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

dè b’ fheàrr leat? what would you prefer?

chan fhuiling mi sin I can’t stand that

Video is playing in pop-over.

Girl Dè b’ fheàrr leat? Which would you prefer?
Girl 2 Ghia, chan fhuiling mi semolina. Yuck, I can’t stand semolina.
Girl Seo ma-thà.
Dè mu dheidhinn tapioca?
Here then.
What about tapioca?
Man Haidh.
Chan fhuiling mi meatloaf.
Dè eile a th’ agad?
I can’t stand meatloaf.
What else do you have?
Man 2 B’ àill leibh? Pardon?
Man Dè eile a th’ agad? What else do you have?
Man 2 Guns 'N’ Roses, Nirvana...dè b’ fheàrr leat? Guns 'N’ Roses, Nirvana...which would you prefer?
Man B’ fheàrr leam Nirvana. I’d prefer Nirvana.
Man 2 Ceart gu leòr. Alright.