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Stating preferences Ag innse dè as fheàrr leat

Which do you prefer?Dè as fheàrr leat?

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

I prefer… – ’s fheàrr leam …

red wine – fìon dearg

black clothes – aodach dubh

I prefer red wine – ’s fheàrr leam fìon dearg

are you certain? - a bheil thu cinnteach?

certain – cinnteach

I am certain – tha mi cinnteach

Husband Chan eil i dona. It’s not bad.
Wife Chan eil fhios agam. I don’t know.
Husband Dè mu dheidhinn seo ma-thà? What about this then?
Wife ’S fheàrr leam sin. I prefer that.
Wife Tapadh leibh.
Dè do bheachd?
Thank you.
What do you think?
Husband Chan eil fhios agam.
Tha a’ phiseag dhubh snog, nach eil?
I don’t know.
The black kitten’s nice, isn’t it?
Wife ’S fheàrr leam a’ phiseag eile. I prefer the other kitten.
Husband A bheil thu cinnteach? Are you sure?
Wife Tha...chan eil.
Husband A bheil thu ag iarraidh na dhà? Do you want both?
Wife Tha. Yes.
Man Ceapaire càise? A cheese sandwich?
Woman ’S fheàrr leam hama. I prefer ham.
Man Dè tha thu ag iarraidh ri òl?
Cofaidh no glainne fìon?
What do you want to drink?
Coffee or a glass of wine?
Woman ’S fheàrr leam fìon. I prefer wine.
Man Fìon geal no fìon dearg? White wine or red wine?
Woman ’S fheàrr leam fìon dearg. I prefer red wine.