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Stating preferences Ag innse dè as fheàrr leat

I hate...'S lugha orm...

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

is lugha orm … I loathe …

is lugha orm an ceòl sin I hate that music

Another way to express dislike is to use the word beag which we have seen before and means 'small'.

is beag orm … I detest …

We have also seen àrd before, meaning 'high'. It can also mean 'loud'.

tha e cho àrd it is so loud

Video is playing in pop-over.

Male customer Haidh.
Dè do chor?
How’s your form?
Staff Cor math. Good.
Male customer Dè th’ againn a-nochd? What do we have tonight?
Staff Uill, tha tiolaidh ann. Well, there’s chilli.
Male customer Cha toigh leam tiolaidh idir. I don’t like chilli at all.
Staff Agus tha coiridh ann. And there’s curry.
Male customer ’S lugha orm coiridh.
A bheil càil ann nach eil teth?
I hate curry.
Is there anything that’s not hot?
Staff Tha, sailead. Yes, salad.
Male customer Ò. Oh.
Woman An cuala tu mu dheidhinn Ailein? Did you hear about Alan?
Man Tha mi duilich.
Dè thuirt thu?
I’m sorry.
What did you say?
Woman An cuala tu mu dheidhinn Ailein? Did you hear about Alan?
Man Cha chuala.
Dè mu dheidhinn?
What about him?
Woman Uill, tha... Och, ’s lugha orm an ceòl sin. Och, I hate that music.
Man Tha e cho àrd. It’s so loud.
Woman Tha sin nas fheàrr. That’s better.