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Expressing needs A’ cur feuman an cèill

We need to buy breadFeumaidh sinn aran a cheannach

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

feumaidh sinn aran a cheannach – we must buy bread

To say that you must buy something you say:

feumaidh mi … a cheannach - I must buy …

You might want to talk about when something has to happen:

cuin a dh’fheumas tu falbh? – when do you have to go?

To answer you use feumaidh mi falbh … and state when you must leave.

feumaidh mi falbh … - I must leave/go …

feumaidh sinn falbh … - we must leave/go …

feumaidh sibh falbh … - you must leave/go … (plural/polite)

… ann an leth-uair a thìde – … in half an hour

You might want to tell someone to hurry up:

feumaidh mi greasad orm - I must hurry

feumaidh tu greasad ort - you must hurry

feumaidh sibh greasad oirbh - you must hurry (plural/polite)

feumaidh iad greasad orra - they must hurry

Video is playing in pop-over.

Woman Dè tha thu airson ithe a-nochd? What do you want to eat tonight?
Woman 2 Chan eil fhios agam.
I don’t know.
Woman Glè mhath.
Agus feumaidh sinn aran a cheannach.
Very good.
And we need to buy bread.
Woman 2 Feumaidh. Yes.