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Ordering food Ag òrdachadh biadh

Can we have a table for three? Am faigh sinn bòrd airson triùir?

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

am faigh mi bòrd? – can I get a table?

am faigh sinn bòrd? – can we get a table?

am faigh …? – can … get …?

Other useful phrases:

gheibh – yes (to the question am faigh... ?)

chan fhaigh – no (to the question am faigh... ?)

Video is playing in pop-over.

Waiter Feasgar math. Good afternoon.
Man Feasgar math.
Am faigh sinn bòrd airson dithis?
Good afternoon.
Can we get a table for two?
Waiter Bòrd airson dithis.
A table for two.
Man An-dràsta. Right now.
Waiter Gheibh gu dearbh.
Thall an sin.
Yes indeed.
Over there.
Man Tapadh leibh. Thank you.
Woman Halò. Hello.
Receptionist Feasgar math.
Taigh-òsta Moathouse.
Good afternoon.
Moathouse Hotel.
Woman Feasgar math.
Am faigh mi bòrd aig ochd uairean?
Good afternoon.
Can I get a table at eight o’ clock?
Receptionist Ochd uairean? Eight o’ clock?
Woman Seadh. Yes.
Receptionist Dè an t-ainm a th’ oirbh? What’s your name?
Woman NicLeòid. MacLeod.
Receptionist NicLeòid.
Cia mheud?
How many?
Woman Triùir. Three.
Receptionist Triùir.
Tha sin glè mhath.
Tapadh leibh.
That’s very good.
Thank you.
Waitress Halò.
Latha math.
Good day.
Woman Latha math.
Am faigh sinn bòrd an-dràsta?
Good day.
Can we get a table just now?
Waitress Airson triùir? For three?
Woman Seadh. Yes.
Waitress Gheibh gu dearbh.
Thallaibh a-steach.
You can indeed.
Go on in.