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Saying how you feel Ag innse ciamar a tha thu a’ faireachdainn

What's up?Dè do chor?

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

dè do chor? how’s your form?

This is the informal way you use to speak to a friend or a child.

cor math fine (good form)

dè ur cor? how’s your form?

This is the formal way you use to speak to an older person, or to a group of people.

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Man 1 Halò, Aonghais.
Dè do chor?
Hello, Angus.
How’s your form?
Aonghas Cor math, tapadh leat.
Dè do chor fhèin?
Good, thank you.
How’s your own form?
Man Chan eil dona. Not bad.
Aonghas Tha i math an-diugh. It’s fine today.
Man Tha, gu dearbh. Yes, indeed.
Man Halò Iain.
Dè do chor an-diugh?
Hello John.
How’s your form today?
Iain Cor math.
Dè do chor fhèin?
How’s your own form?
Man Tha mi sgìth agus teth. I’m tired and hot.
Man Dè ur cor? How’s your form?
Man 2 Cor math. Good.
Man 3 Dè tha dol an-diugh? What’s happening today?
Driver Chan eil càil.
Chì mi a-nochd sibh.
I’ll see you tonight.
Man 2 Chì. Yes.