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Little by Little Beag air Bheag

A1 - Beginners  : Unit 21 - Talking about our pets
A1 - Luchd-tòiseachaidh  : Aonad 21 - Na peataichean againne

Test yourself

  1. Which sentence is correct?
  2. Dè bhios nathair ag ithe?
  3. Which sentence means he won’t bite you (plural)?
  4. What does "an e peataichean fiadhaich a th’ annta?” mean?
  5. What does "greannach” mean?
  6. Which of the following means "put your finger in the cage”?
  7. If your friend says, "cha bhi e gam bhìdeadh-sa co-dhiù” about a pet, would it be safe to handle it?
  8. What is the Gaelic for "snake”?
  9. How might you reply to the question, "a bheil cù agad?”
  10. What is the Gaelic for "lazy cat”?


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